At Obstkel, we focus on helping our clients make better business decisions by leveraging their data, and our technical expertise in everything Data.

Services Overview

Given the rapid pace of technological evolution, and to keep pace with emerging technologies, we at OBSTKEL have streamlined our services to focus on the following three areas: Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics and Data Transformation Services.


Cloud Computing

The consensus is out; running business services and applications in the Cloud has the greatest measurable impact on cost savings and streamlining businesses services. According to IDC, a premier global market intelligence firm, IT expenditure on cloud computing is expected to grow at 6 times the current rate by 2020.

At Obstkel, our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables us to offer unique and cutting edge implementations around cloud and hybrid deployment models using AWS services on the AWS platform.


Big Data & Analytics

As the adoption of technology keeps growing, data volume is predicted to grow exponentially. Unlike traditional structured data, data generated from mobile devices, social networking, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors are mostly unstructured, high in volume and require new tools, technology and mindset to glean value from.

At Obstkel, our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudera enables us to offer Big Data and Analytics services around Data Lake, Clickstream Analysis, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning by leveraging their Big Data platforms.


Data Transformation Services

Data, be it big or small, structured or unstructured does not lend much value unless it is of proper quality, form and format. Transforming raw data to glean business value requires leveraging the appropriate compute, storage and transformation tools in addition to the architecture and methodology.

Our expertise in Data Mining, Wrangling, Cleansing & Standardization, Conversion, Integration, ETL and Semantic Mapping combined with our AWS partnership and service expertise makes us a formidable force in this area.

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