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Cloud Migration

According to Forbes 83% of Enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. The power of Cloud Computing is undeniable and the benefits far outweigh the on premise model. 

Cloud Computing is not limited to building and deploying new applications in the cloud. Existing infrastructure and applications can be migrated to the Cloud by leveraging one of the many migration models. 

Data & Analytics

Data, be it big or small, structured or unstructured does not lend much value unless it is of proper quality, form and format. Transforming raw data to glean business value requires leveraging the appropriate compute, storage and transformation tools in addition to the architecture and methodology.

Our expertise in Data Mining, Wrangling, Cleansing & Standardization, Conversion, Integration, ETL and Semantic Mapping combined with our AWS partnership and service expertise makes us a formidable force in this area.

image depicting data analytics
image depicting serverless computing

Serverless Computing

Imagine the possibility of building and deploying applications without having to worry about availability, maintenance, provisioning, patching, sizing or scaling. 

Serverless Computing makes this concept a reality. 

At Obstkel, we leverage various AWS Services for compute, storage, integration, orchestration and analytics to help you design applications that are agile, scalable, reliable and cost efficient.

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