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Spark SQL Functions - Listed by Category

In this post we will address Spark SQL Functions, i.e., built-in functions, its syntax and what it does. The comprehensive list of Spark functions provided in the Apache Spark API documentation can be a bit difficult to navigate. In this post we breakdown the Apache Spark built-in functions by Category: Operators, String functions, Number functions, Date functions, Array functions, Conversion functions and Regex functions.

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Spark tutorial for beginners: Apache Spark Concepts

If your are a beginner, understanding the basics of Apache Spark will help you build a strong foundation before you get to the more complex concepts. Often times these concepts are intertwined with new terminology. Associating the terminology with each other in a hierarchical manner to build relationships has been determined to help assimilate information effectively, and in a shorter time frame.

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What is Cloudera Spark: A brief explanation

Comparable to the amount of interest around Big Data and Apache Hadoop, is the confusion around the terminology. Things get even murkier when we delve into the various projects within Apache Hadoop. What is Apache Spark ? How does it relate to Cloudera Spark ? In this post, we will address some of the frequent questions around how we define Spark, Cloudera Spark and Apache spark

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Simple alternative to download & install Apache Hadoop

Learning a new skill is challenging; to ensure success, its important to create an optimal environment with least resistance. One of the first steps to getting hands on with Hadoop is downloading, installing and configuring the Hadoop ecosystem and its application components. With all the different components, downloading & installing Apache Hadoop can become a nightmare.

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7 Basic Hadoop HDFS Commands for Developers

Of the numerous Apache Hadoop File System (HDFS) commands,  there are a handful that get used on a frequent basis. Having a solid grasp of these 8 basic hdfs commands will get you through most of your daily grind as a developer.  This top 7 list is intended for beginners and is intentionally created as a "skinny" version without all the options

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